Donations are greatly appreciated!

By donating you are supporting the evangelization of the Sacraments. Specifically your donation helps provide for paper, printing, laminating, postage, non-profit incorporation fees, and the rental of a post office box.

A few reasons to donate for The Penace Kit(s):
  • We laminate the paper the content is printed on so it will last a long time and hopefully be past along to other people as needed.
  • We include some prayer cards we like with some nice artwork that we are not talented enough to create ourselves.
  • We pay for the postage required to send the kits to you. Each kit is roughly 4 ounzes.
To donate online please use the donation button at the bottom of this page.

Donations by mail can be sent to:

The Penance Project
P.O. Box 2422
Cumming, GA 30028

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